How To Make Motivation Automatic And Achieve Mastery

In part 1, How to Increase Both Motivation and Productivity Using A Single Fast, Easy and Fun Key, we used brain science to uncover a pivotal productivity a key and how to hack it. We peered into the brain as students took the famous Coke Vs. Pepsi taste test. If you haven’t read that article you then click here to see it because it’ll give you a running start for this article.

What is this key?              It’s likeability.

In the last article we revealed research that proved that when you like the goals you’re achieving you:

  • are automatically motivated (imagine not having to force yourself but instead being pulled to do it)
  • burn less willpower
  • increase performance by 43%
  • increase persistence
  • conquer procrastination
  • Enjoy the process so you suffer less

Imagine wanting to

  • write a book and… suddenly you love writing and did it well. Would that be good?
  • program computers and… you love programming
  • lose weight and… you love jogging
  • improve your mind, lower stress and suddenly you love meditating

In this article we’ll uncover… how to turn an activity you dislike into an activity you LIKE.

Let’s hone in on how Coke became more likable…

Dan Ariely, in his book Predictably Irrational looked at brain scans of people who took the Coke Vs, Pepsi taste test and ONLY chose Coke as the winner when they knew, IN ADVANCE, which soda was Pepsi and which was Coke.

Why did Coke win?

Mr. Ariely said “when the participants knew they were going to get a squirt of Coke the frontal area of the brain… (an area involved working memory, associations) was also activated.”

Brain scans revealed that if you want to INCREASE likeability then create emotionally enjoyable associations to your target activity. Make them so compelling that you’re sure to remember them.

How To Make An Activity More Likeable

Coke won the taste tests because it’s emotionally enjoyable associations were so pleasurable that they overrode the actual ‘taste'(remember Pepsi won the blind taste tests). If you want your productive activity to be more pleasurable, more likeable then learn from the masters. Learn from the marketing geniuses at Coca Cola.




Coke’s commercials connect (associate) fun, energy and even love to Coca Cola. Much of what you see in commercials have absolutely nothing to do with how the drink tastes. They’re designed to associate Coke to emotionally, engaging and enjoyable memories. And as the brain scans proved those connections made the difference between winning and losing. But this goes way beyond winning and losing.

When you make a disliked, painful productive task pleasurable then you experience an amazing transformation.

How do I know?

Here’s My Story:

At age 42 I was 100 lbs overweight and sported a bouncy pair of EMBARRASSING man-boobs.

I dreamed about doing pull-ups because they create a muscular square chest and bulging biceps. But, as you can imagine with my pudgy balloon-body, at age 42, I could NOT do a single pull-up. Not one.

That’s when I started studying the science of pleasure like a madman.

Over time, I found ways to make even painful pull-ups pleasurable. Even though I could NOT do a single pullup I continued to add pleasure and kept trying.

Finally, to my delight, I completed a single pullup.  I slowly increased the number of pullups and the amount of pleasure.

Today, at age 54 I joyfully do 103 pullups every other day. I confess that I don’t pop them off all at one time. I do sets but they get done. And the pain has become a small spicy part of a thrilling adventuresome workout. I love it. You can love your productive task too.

So, I’ve traded embarrassing man-boobs for the GI Joe square chest and round biceps that I always dreamed about.

And to make the journey fast for others I’ve pulled all my pleasure-pumping methods into a program called the productive pleasure program. You’re getting a tiny taste of it in this article. You’re about to learn how to plant pleasure into the mental roots of activity so pleasure grows and intertwines like vine onto your productive task.


The supreme accomplishment is to blur the lines between work and play.

Arnold J. Toynbee


The process you’re about to learn is easy but it’s NOT instant. Yet the incredible rewards you get (by making a productive take pleasurable) are worth the wait.

How exactly do you make your target activity more likeable?

3 steps to going from dislike to like.

Step #1: Consider Rewards that come from the Cycle of Accelerated Returns

Most people don’t connect to the 2-pronged reward that comes with continued persistence and improvement of a tough task.

You see…

if you persist and continually improve then:

  • tough tasks become quick and easy
  • you get better rewards for less work.
  • you get the respect, appreciation and applause of others
  • your task gets more interesting and you even find pleasure in it
  • you reach mastery

You really do get all these benefits but don’t take my word for it.  Listen to what author Robert Greene, in his book Mastery, called the cycle of accelerated returns.

Mr. Greene said about the process of continually improving a new skill.

“If you take this far enough, you will naturally enter the cycle of accelerated returns: As you learn and gain skills you can begin to vary what you do, finding nuances that you can develop in the work, so that it becomes more interesting. As elements become more automatic your and mind is not exhausted by the effort and you can practice harder, which in turn brings greater skill and more pleasure.”

If you repeat your daily activity and continually improve then you’re rewarded with mastery where the you get more done in less time and get better rewards

You see, if you continue to improve then the productive skill eventually becomes pleasurable. So, in time you get pleasure in the process. Along with all the bundle of benefits that your productive task creates. But those rewards take time to acquire. The point of this process is for you bring those future benefits (the rewards, pleasures and even accolades) into the present. So the vision of those prizes pull you forward.

In the same way that Coke associates (unreal) play and parties with their soda you associate the very real pleasures that eventually come with your productive task to its immediate execution.

Most people overlook these undeniable dynamics but if you associate them with your tough task then what was a disliked, tough task will become a favored friend.

Step #2: Bring these future rewards to life

Intellectually knowing that these future rewards are coming will NOT move you to action. Why?

Scientists discovered that we not only overlook the increased rewards that come with experience but we actually DISCOUNT the value of future rewards. It causes people to quit. They fold while holding a winning hand. Consequently, they’re cheated out of habitual success.

Scientists call that flawed thought process, that irrational reasoning, hyperbolic discounting. And, all too often, hyperbolic discounting leads to short-sighted, subpar decisions and results. It sabotages your persistence… creating failure.

To combat the short-sighted brain flaws you can bring a rewarding vision your future rewards to life today.

Here are a few creative ways to bring your future rewards to life so they become embedded in your brain and make your productive activity much more likeable:

  • Create a vision board or sketch
  • Create affirmations that remind and reconnect you to emotionally enjoyable associations
  • Visualize yourself enjoying the peak of an emotionally engaging productive activity

Let’s focus on the visualization option because…IIf you visualize correctly then it’ll give you everything you need to create effective affirmations and/or a vision board.

How To Visualize Like A World Class Champion

Regardless of what you think about Caitlyn Jenner, it had to take unspeakable courage to present herself to the world. It’s also true that Bruce Jenner, in his day,was arguably the best athlete in the world. He set 3 successive world records while earning an Olympic gold medal for the decathlon.

He owed much of his success to visualization. Listen to this visualization clip from his book “Finding The Champion Within”

“I would be coming around the backstretch with 300 meters to go, and that force, that inner fire that had ignited within me during the 1,500 meter run at the Olympic trials would suddenly kick in again. The crowd would roar and the ground would tremble beneath me like a 6-point earthquake, and I’d reach down and grab that fire from deep inside.

Rocketing through that final turn I’d come around the corner toward the finish line far ahead of the pack with only a hundred meters to go and… I’d hear a noise! A faint jingling in my back pocket. The Gold Medal! It was like a tambourine serenading my dream.”

Jenner created a vision so real that he could climb in a walk around. Are you willing to make your vision as sensory rich, detailed and enjoyable?

When your productive activity’s vision becomes as real, sensory-rich and pleasurable then your activity will also become enjoyable too.

How Exactly do You Create A Compelling Vision Strong Enough To Make Even A Painful Productive Activity Pleasurable?

The good news is that you do NOT have to create the vision. Why? Because you can get the below audio will do it for you…

A crystal clear vision (like the one created above) links your productive activity to pleasure

Step #3: Repeat Frequently

Bruce Jenner said “I would emerge not merely victorious but having smashed previous records to smithereens… In my mind, I stood atop the victory platform a dozen times daily, with the gold medal slung around my neck, awash in accomplishment, anthems and applause.“

To make your productive task pleasurable and get all the rewards that come with it, are you willing to invest just a few minutes a dozen times a day?


How often do you review your Likeability process?

  • In the morning when you’re fresh
  • Before you do the target activity
  • Before you drift off to sleep
  • In the face of obstacles so you build momentum

What are the keys to reviewing it?

  • Keep it fresh when you connect
  • Heavy emotion
  • Keep an open mind


How To Make Your Productive Activity INSTANTLY More Enjoyable:

Make your productive tasks as pleasurable and rewarding as so-called guilty pleasures. Look, I firmly believe that in the same way we season our food, we should season (spice up) our productive activities. And it can be done. It’s how I lost a hundred pounds and read over 277 books. It’s why I created the productive pleasure softwareClick here to use it for free.

Well, we've covered a lot of ground. I hope you enjoyed it.

All the best,

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