How To Increase Productivity By 171% and Enjoy Your Work!

If you want to be 171% MORE productive (studies prove it) then this key is what you need.

If you ever suffered from procrastination, low energy or just a loss of interest in your work
then this key is what you need.

If you want to more motivation or to reach mastery then you need this key.

The best way to reveal this key and its transformative power is to tell
you the brief  story of two people doing the exactly the SAME job. Yet they get
drastically different results.


2 People Do The Same Job. Yet One Suffers. The Other Succeeds. Why?

And this job was not easy or appealing. This is NOT a comfy corporate job. In fact, this job was downright repulsive. You see, few people want to clean toilets and even fewer people want to clean the sewers those toilets pour into. But that’s what these 2 did people did.



The first person was asked what he does. He said:

“My job is to clean sewers. It’s a smelly, dirty rotten job. But it pays the bills. In 16 years I’ll be able to retire and leave this stink’in job forever.”

You ask him “How do you feel about your job?”
He says “I hate it. It’s dirty, dark & rotten job filled with stinky things.”

You ask the 2nd person doing exactly the SAME JOB and she says
“I’m protecting people from diseases like the black plague. You see, without my job rodents would spread disease like wildfire. Kids are the first victims, and since I have kids, I know how important it is to keep them safe. My job does that.”

You ask her “How do you feel about your job?” and she says
“It’s an important job. It’s tough but I love protecting people and FINDING new ways
to keep them safe. It pays well. So I’m lucky to have this job.”

Huge Difference Right?

Exact same job. Yet one works to pay the stink’in bills. And the other’s protecting
the lives of families and children,

Now let me ask.

Which one suffers painfully through every hour of the workday…wastefully watching the clock slowly click and tick away?

Which one is more motivated?

Which one gets lost in the work, constantly trying to improve and as the time flies by?

Obviously, the way the lady saw her job has tremendous benefits. And those benefits are backed up by science.

Dr. Adam Grant is A top-rated professor at Wharton. He conducted a study that showed employees how to look at their jobs using the same valuable key the lady sewer cleaner used to make her job valuable. When they look at their jobs using this key productivity soared by 171%

Would you like to see a 171% productivity improvement?
Would you like to stop suffering through the work day?
Would you like more enjoyment?
Would you like more perseverance?

Would you like more motivation?

If you said “yes” to one or more those questions then need the key.

Now, here’s the critical question?

What key transforms a ‘dirty, rotten job’ into “a majestic mission that enriches your life and the lives of others?”

The key is ‘meaning’.

Meaning’ turns minor tasks into majestic missions.

The lady transformed sewer cleaning job because she found “meaning” in it.

Do you want your job to be meaningful? It can be.

Do you want to add “meaning’ to your job? If you do then that’s a common MISTAKE.

If you want your job to be meaningful then don’t try to add ‘meaning’.

The genius Michelangelo did NOT add marble to his sculpted masterpieces. He believed that a masterpiece was locked in an average,ordinary block of marble, and that he was just the means for allowing the true form of the stone to emerge.

The truth is that A masterful meaning exists in average ordinary jobs. But you must know how to allow the true meaning to emerge. And please don’t think that meaning is only found in jobs where you’re saving lives, feeding the needy or  saving lives while feeding the needy. Nope.

Science proves that ‘meaning’ can be found in almost ANY job.

And that’s how you transform a stink’n job into a majestic mission.

How exactly do you do that? What are the precise steps?

Frankly, it’s not extremely obvious but just as the sewer cleaner found the meaning in her job, with time, focus and creativity you can find meaning in your job so you get high productivity and even pleasure in your job.

In future posts I’ll reveal how ‘meaning’ was found in different jobs that range from people working in call centers to guys working at Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

But here’s how you can get started. Make a list of all the ways your job helps people. How are proving service? Remember how the lady turned her sewer cleaning job into a majestic mission. She was creative and you can be too. It’s more than worth it.

Of course, there’s much more to it and you get the full step-by-step story in future posts but we’ve been going for a while so let’s pickup this topic in a future blog post.

You have my sincere appreciation for reading.

To your habitual success,

PS. My job is only “meaningful” if these posts are helpful to you. Are  they? Please let me know.