How A Small Change Can Add Up to Lots of Free Time

A small change to a good habit makes major life improvements

Have you ever had so much to do that you could scream?

And at the end of a hard day, you know that you’ve barely made a dent in your list of things to do.

Ever been there?

Well, after a day like that I stumbled on a way to GAIN a great deal of time. And so can you. How?

Well, here’s the story…

One sunny day, after leaving work, instead of taking the same old route, I just drove in the general direction of my home.

I got lucky. I ended up in a charming hillside community that had a 90-year-old stone bridge. It was called the Shakespeare Bridge. As I crossed the Shakespeare Bridge, it gave me a picture-perfect view of the city. After a tough day this was just the type of eye candy I needed.

The real prize came when I drove out of the neighborhood. Because just outside the community was a freeway on-ramp. And that freeway passed right by my house. I hopped on and, surprisingly, I arrived home six minutes sooner than I normally did. 6 minutes had been shaved off my normal drive-time. Six minutes doesn’t sound like much, but consider this:

How 6 minutes adds up to 52 FREE hours

By the end of the week, by religiously using my new shortcut (5 days a week x 6 minutes x 2 [drive to and from work]), I’ve saved an hour. By the end of the year, I’ve saved 52 hours. And, most importantly, I’ve saved extra energy (lower gas bill), effort, and aggravation that driving an extra 52 hours would have caused.

Would you like to save yourself the agony of 52 hours of traffic time? Imagine how good it would feel. Not only did I get the time savings, but I traded a drive though polluted downtown traffic for a stroll through a scenic hillside community. Not bad.

When I discovered that shaving a mere six minutes off my ride to work gave me 52 hours of reward, my eyes widened as a key idea hit me like a ton bricks.

Fast Habit Formula Rule #3: A SMALL improvement to a daily habit adds up to BIG rewards.

 If you want more progress, more productivity or more time then (because of the multiplier effect) you’ll find the answer hidden in your daily habits.

That realization sent me on a hog-wild habit improvement spree. Shortly after making changes, my life started to dramatically improve. But let me confess that not every improvement worked.

There were lots of false starts, mistakes, and lessons learned. I even wasted lots of time. But I want to save you from those troubles. I’ve refined strategies for finding, fixing, and following through on habitual improvements. And those strategies are what I want to share with you today.

So, in this report, you’ll find ways to save energy, effort, and aggravation. Not only will you have savings but, more importantly, with these strategies you’ll find new ways to get ahead and get more of what you want in life.

The beauty of these strategies is that I’m not asking you to give up a treasured habit or go through the agony of breaking a bad habit. I’m NOT asking you to run an extra mile or give up eating a guilty pleasure (although I might talk to you about that later). Nope.

This is not hard. Just change your path to work.

When you know how, smart savings are easily found. It’s all the result of understanding how to leverage the flow of habits that run through your life. Remember, I’m not asking you to do a lot extra every day. I’m not adding to your burdens. I’m not really asking you to expend more willpower. Just the opposite is the case.

It’s just a matter of improving on what you already do. And it takes minimal effort. Do you see the value of this strategy?

Which Is Easier to Achieve?

For a moment, consider which is easier: Is it easier to completely change your existing schedule by piling on another thing to do (your to-do list is already too long, right?), or is it easier to streamline what you’re already doing? And which strategy will get results faster?

I hope a light bulb in your brain is flashing, “good idea,” but I must tell you this is NOT the best part. “So what’s the best part?” you ask.

Well, prepare yourself because this is about to get exciting. But please keep in mind that I’m a straight shooter. So far, these ideas have been practical, right? I mention that because what you’re about to hear might sound unlikely, but stay with me and you’ll get everything, I promise.

You just heard the big benefits of habit’s multiplier effect. And you’ve heard how easy it is to change existing habits (instead of adding new ones or dropping existing habits). But what if there was a way to multiply the benefits from the multiplier effect? What if there was a way to get much better results for the same amount of work? Well, now there is!

The Birth of the G.A.I.N. Technique

As we said, adding a single good habit, in and of itself, rewards you many times. Well, I’ve created a way to blend together several specific habits that synergistically work in unison like the fingers of a hand so you’re able to grab goals that others find out of reach. Best of all is that this whole process happens in just seven minutes.

The new process is called the G.A.I.N.™ technique. It combines several habits that work together, creating a snowballing synergy that virtually picks you up and carries you forward.


A Brilliant Blend that Blows Wind in Your Sails

So look at what we’re doing. We started with the insight that when you improve an existing habit, you get rewarded many times. Then we built on the shoulders of that insight to create a process that in just seven minutes you’re able to not just identify one habit but synergistically blend together at least three.

One habit moves you forward. One habit removes a problem (that formerly moved you backward). And we add one more habit that makes you feel better as you implement the first two (while building your resilience). And remember, the whole G.A.I.N. process takes only seven minutes or less. Is that good or great? Great, right?

Well, I didn’t stop there. Remember, I promised to show you how it frees up time. I don’t want you to even add seven minutes to your already busy schedule. So I created a process that tells you how to find unproductive parts of your day and fill them with this habit-improvement process. So, now, you don’t just get the benefit of improving one habit that rewards you many times. Now you have an enriched routine.


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