Affirmations. Fake News?

Are affirmations a form of fake news?

There are similarities. As people found out in a recent election, fake news can have very REAL implications. And, affirmations, if done correctly, also have REAL implications. They can shift your mind from sad to glad in as little as 2 minutes. That’s what Dr. Andrew Newberg and Dr Mark Walden discovered.

You see, in their book Born to Believe, the doctors wrote about studies conducted where test participants repeated a phrase. A phrase some might think of fake news. And yet, after repeating this phrase for just 2 minutes test participants would feel better. They felt measurably better. After repeating that phrase they adopted a positive outlook which attracted more ideas, reduced stress and positioned them to get more done.

What was the ‘fake news’ phrase they repeated. It’s simple.
“The world is filled with kind and loving people”. Again, and again they repeated “The world is filled with kind and loving people”.

Depending on your outlook you might say that’s fake news. You might say that it’s a lie. But the truth is that if you repeat it for just 2 minutes then you’ll feel it’s very REAL impact. I challenge you to try it and even smile as you do.

If it’s fake news, it’s the kind of fake news we need more of.

To your habitual success,

Mark Flournoy
PS. Did you try it? Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you.