About Mark Flournoy

My story is simple. I confess that was a self-help junkie. I ate, drank and slept self-help. From books, to audios to $10,000 jumping up and down seminars.

I even gave up a decade-long computer consulting career when I created my own daily
coaching software for the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

But sales did NOT take off and (out of frustration) I ate and ate and ate. I ballooned up to an oversized 344 pounds.

One morning I looked in the mirror and hated where my life had gone. So I closed my business and tossed self-help aside.

I went back to the bookstore, (skipped self-help) and planted myself in the cognitive science section. Since that time I worked like a madman to read and map out over 297 books. Mostly on new discoveries in neuroscience.

Here's What Neuroscience Taught Me About Self-Help:
Self-help lacks power because it's obsessed with the conscious mind. Not one but at least 2 studies have proven that the conscious mind only accesses 5% of your brain's resources. But your unconscious accesses 95% of your brains resources so everything I do (and teach) is about accessing, using and exploiting unconscious power.

My aim is for your life's goals to be fueled by the same endless power that keeps your heart beating. That means you overcome procrastination and lack of motivation but it also means you do things differently. What you do differently to access that power is what we teach.

What Do You Learn On This Website?
The best insights and discoveries cherry-picked -from those 297 books- have been added to my personal library of special tools, techniques and process. It includes completely new behavior change rules, tools and systems and you get them on this website. How well do they work? I was the first guinea pig.

How did I do?

Recently (for the first time in a year) I bought a scale and weighed myself. Not more than a few years ago, I started this journey at 344 pounds. Today, I weigh 245.6 pounds. So, by using my new library (principles based on neuroscience) I lost 98.4 pounds and had a fantastic time doing it.

The new brain-based rules, tools and systems that helped me lose nearly 100 pounds can be used to achieve practically any goal. To prove it I created the new GAIN Productivity and Time report. Grab it and see for yourself.

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