5 Keys That Can Predict and Prevent Procrastination

There has been a lot said about procrastination but today you’ll hear something completely different. Today we look at 5 keys that can trigger procrastination. By understanding and manipulating these keys, you can predict and prevent procrastination. That means you can prevent all the lost opportunity and pain of regret that comes with procrastination. In…

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This Surprising Productivity Pitfall Traps Us All

This article might shock you for two HUGE reasons. First, because it predicts when (and how) you can be motivated to take BAD actions… even when you say you ‘won’t’. It reveals how you get swept into taking actions that destroy your productivity and progress. Fortunately, we’ll do a little judo to make those motivation…

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How To Make Motivation Automatic And Achieve Mastery

In part 1, How to Increase Both Motivation and Productivity Using A Single Fast, Easy and Fun Key, we used brain science to uncover a pivotal productivity a key and how to hack it. We peered into the brain as students took the famous Coke Vs. Pepsi taste test. If you haven’t read that article…

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How to Increase Both Motivation and Productivity Using A Single Fast, Easy and Fun Key

Ever wonder why you don’t get more done? It’s not that you’re dumb or lazy. But, somehow, your greatest goals don’t move forward. Not fast enough anyway. Right? Why? Well, today you get a seldom discussed productivity key could be the answer. You’re about to discover a key to productivity, motivation and even mastery. It’s…

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Why Productivity Crashes And A 1-Minute Habit to Prevent it

Productivity Naturally Decreases If Unchecked. But A Simple 1-Minute Habit Can Keep It High

“One day a co-worker gave me a ride home from work. On our way home, his car suddenly choked and died. A look at his gas gauge told me he had plenty of gas. As we were shoving his stupid SUV off the road, I asked him what he thought the problem was. He said…

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Adopt This 1-Minute Habit To Increase Productivity and Boost WillPower


This 1-Minute Process Is Proven To: Decrease Stress Increase WillPower Release pressures that cause willpower failure Reverse the negative effects of the Fight-or-Flght Response   Regularly Release Stressful Pressures and Re-Energize Your Mind: As you go through the day your energy goes down but the pressure to get more done goes up. The pressure builds…

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Procrastination Cure? A New Brain-Based Approach

You would never let a snake slither up your body, wrap itself around your neck and bite you. Right? Wrong. You’ve been bitten by the snake of procrastination time and time again. Now it’s time to find out why. And surprisingly, according to brain science, it has NOT been your fault. Have you ever really…

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How To Achieve Your Greatest Goals – Advice from An Elite Coach

An Underused key to achieve your greatest goals

You want to make rapid progress. You rise early, work hard and have tons to do. You hate to waste time. Right? Of course, my readers, like me, strive to become better and make a difference in this world. To be frank, it scares me to think that all my sacrifices might be for nothing…if…

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Science Reveals Why You Procrastinate and Make Other Bad Decisions

“Make today better than yesterday” Is that what you want too? That’s what I tell myself in the morning when I’m fresh and rested. I’m pumped up to knock down every item on my to-do list… like the expert bowler who knocks out 10 items with a single throw. STRIKE! But by the end of…

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Affirmations. Fake News?

Are affirmations a form of fake news? There are similarities. As people found out in a recent election, fake news can have very REAL implications. And, affirmations, if done correctly, also have REAL implications. They can shift your mind from sad to glad in as little as 2 minutes. That’s what Dr. Andrew Newberg and…

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